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Attracting nearly 1,000 attendees every year, the AAYAA is an annual celebration of the many significant accomplishments of Métis, First Nations and Inuit youth from across Alberta.

The recognition our award-winners receive encourages excellence while creating positive new role-models for young people throughout the province.

We believe uplifting young role-models like these are vital for young minds striving to realize the terrific personal potential each possesses.

Originally developed in 2003, the annual awards gala is now directed and supported
by the newly formed Rupertsland Institute Métis Centre of Excellence. Your support
is greatly appreciated.

Mail your Nomination to: Shannon Souray, Rupertsland Institute, #1450-10060 Jasper Ave. Edmonton, AB T5J 3R8, 780.801.9977

About the Rupertsland Institute
The Métis Nation of Alberta has a history of turning community programs into institutional development. In February 2010, the organization announced another historic decision to develop and establish an education, training and research institute under an umbrella organization to be called the Rupertsland Institute – Métis Centre of Excellence. The Rupertsland Institute has since been incorporated as a non-profit (Section 9) company under the Alberta Companies Act, and is governed by a professional Board of Governors comprised of representatives from the Métis business community, the University of Alberta, other academia, industry, and the MNA Provincial Council.

They have divisions of Research and Professional development, Education, some Endowment Awards, and a Training and Employment division.